North Meets South

"The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here,..." but my family, friends, and I will never forget what we did here.

And, here are a few words from those that attended the "Barn Dance/Camp Out/Single-shot Paintball Reenactment" that I hope I never forget.

Lessons from the young-ins...

  • "Food tastes better when you're outside and with friends."  
  • "Black licorice tastes pretty good when you're in a costume."
  • "A party is so much more fun with a box of kittens."

Wisdom from the women folk...

  • "'Chores' don't feel like work when you're with good company." 

  • "We need to dance more often!!!"

Thoughts from students (of all ages)... 

  • "History is fun and easy to learn when you have a great teacher."

  • "History can be painful to remember."  
  • "War is so complicated; even the Civil War was about so much more than slavery."
  • "In a real war, shots like these would mean an amputation at best and most would be fatal."
  • "War is especially painful for wives and mothers!"

  • "Everything is more fun with children."

A few words on fashion...

  • "If we dressed like 'ladies', we wouldn't have to worry about skin cancer."

and surprising insights overheard from the men folk...

  • "Girls are so much prettier in dresses."
  • "It would sure be nice if those skirts would come back in style."


I have written a general summary of the sequence of events for our party at our NorthMeetsSouth150Years blog.

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  1. I love History...especially with added pics like you shared with us Deborah:-) Thanks for posting this on Tribe writers...glad I found your blog!


    1. Thanks for stopping by for a peek! It is such a treat to be part of an encouraging community of writers.

  2. I would have loved to been part of this, glad you put it on TW so I could find you

    1. Thanks for making a post, now we have "found" each other! I'd love to see what you are interested in/working on. It you have a web-site or a link to your writing, I'd like to check it out. And, I'll keep a lookout for your posts on TW.