Blessing in a Button

Sorting buttons,
Sifting through memeories

My grandma's buttons were passed on to me.
Her mother's buttons had been passed on to her.
Who can say how far back these buttons go?




  made from shells

They came from a time when scraps of fabric were used for patches and old dresses were cut and pieced into quilts.

Before the abundance of the "made in China" buttons of today, buttons were saved from old clothing and sewn onto the new.

Like other blessings, buttons seem to lose their value in a disposable age of excess. But, these are more than just "buttons"; these are pieces of history, reminders of a heritage that is precious to me.

Some of my greatest blessings that I take for granted are life lessons that come from having a teachable spirit in both delightful and difficult experiences.  Years ago, I began collecting these precious lessons on 7" scrapbook pages.  I had been suffering from spiritual amnesia and needed a visual reminder of what the Lord had done in my life.

Snippets of verses, quotes from people whose words have carried with me throughout the years, paired with symbolic photos... 

My collection of lessons and blessing began with a button from the rocker I bought when I was pregnant with my first child.  It fell off during a sentimental season when I was sobered by a couple lines from a song frequently played on the radio.

Turning the pages of that first book, I travel through decades of walking with the Lord.

After the first "button book" was filled, I kept on collecting...
a lesson here and there

sometimes only once or twice a year

Only the "personally profound" make it into my books, and they have served their purpose.  I will never forget what the Lord has taught me.

Just a thought -
Too many sermons, devotional, and books, become clutter when the next insight or lesson distracts us from remembering and applying what the Lord has already told us.  Put away the excess spiritual clutter, and take time to remember and apply the lessons you have been taught.