Just a Moment

There are times when I want to press "pause" on life.

I want to stop.


...savor the moment.

It is at times like this when all the other people in the world seem to disappear...
and it's just "US". 

I have my family with me, and I am content.

Sitting high on a sandy dune, I watch a storm blow out to sea.

I see everything changing right before my eyes:
from cloudy grey, to brighter blue.

A rainbow appears in the east just as the sun begins to set in the west.

Just for a moment, the skies are breath-taking and filled with color.

In a few blinks, the sun will sink below the horizon, the rainbow will disappear, and my children will grow up.

But, for this moment...
we are together.

Life is made up of moments.
Little things.

Beauty is seen when we are still
and attentive to details.

When we're in a hurry we miss them...
the moments,
the people,
the blessings,
the beauty.

These moments are too precious to waste with business, complaining, arguing, selfishness, discontentment, or worry.

SIN destroys the moment,
steals the memories.

Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, excellent, or praise-worthy (Phil. 4:8)... or funny, or precious, or silly, or beautiful, etc.  THINK ABOUT SUCH THINGS!

These days,
this life,
won't last forever.

So, I'm hugging my children longer,
kissing my husband more,
lingering, listening, loving, laughing more...
while they're with me.

Today I'm making memories that I'll treasure all my life, and I'm giving my children these moments to treasure in their hearts long after I'm gone.

Enjoy this moment,
Live this day intentionally as we all move closer to eternity!