Feeling Free!

Hello, cyber-universe,
I want to declare from the top of my hill to the 2,095,006,005 known internet-users scattered over the planet: “I AM FREE!”

Arms stretched out…
Hands open wide…
Cares and clutter slipping through my fingers…
With every thing I get rid off, I feel less encumbered!

I didn't realize that most of what I was carrying around was self-imposed.

Now I know, and I’m letting it all go.

Now I have less to do, less to clean, less to find…
I love LESS!

LESS gives me MORE!!!

More time, more energy...

I’m inspired.

The time
and money
and effort I’ve wasted
(especially the last 2 months)
are not wasted at all!

What I’ve spent is a small price to pay for what I’ve discovered!

Keeping what I love,

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