It's All Good

"So, what season is it, Mama?"


"I thought winter had snow."


This sure is a crazy winter,
isn't it?

"No, mama. God did it; so it is good."

We flipped the calendar and reviewed our months, holidays, and seasons.

Then stepping outside, my little one and I had this conversation.

Wise words from a little one bring deep thoughts...

We live in an area with distinct, predictable seasons:
Winter - white snow
Spring - brown mud
Summer - green grass
Autumn - colored leaves

This is April weather.
It's not 'supposed' to be like this.


unless this is the way He wants it to be.

a chorus runs through my mind...

"Lord of all creation, of water, earth, and sky..."

"God of Wonders" (and Surprises), You amaze me. You are not predictable. I took these pictures and wrote these words yesterday, and today (Feb.2) the temperature is below freezing again (a drop of almost 30 degrees). Brrr... and wow!

You blow the winds across the earth,
cold fronts, warm fronts, colliding
hail and ice, storms and lighting
Who are You?

You are Lord.
You are the boss.
You are in control.

When the "seasons of my life" don't look like they're "supposed to", when things are "unpredictable", I will say with my daughter, "God did it; so it is good."

I will lean back into Your arms and trust and wait to see what wonderful things You are up to, what surprises You have in store when You work all these things together for good.

You are good, and by faith I say, "ALL You do is good."

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