Ready for Spring

Spring has come to the south and so have I.

What a gift to retreat from the grey of snowless winter to a wonderland of sunshine and color!

I want to take it in and keep it with me.

Stepping out of my routine for a few days, visiting family, followed by a full week of solitude... the change and the quiet allows me to tune into senses made alive!

This last season has been a long one.

Something dormant inside of me is awakened, and I'm inspired in a way I haven't felt in a year or more.

Ideas spring up like flowers.

Beauty inspires beauty.

Beautiful thoughts make the soul beautiful.

New life is everywhere!

I came a long way to see it, and I don't want to miss a moment...

I want to take it all in, remember these precious little moments.

Oh, the beauty of a moment.

Moments don't last.

Babies grow,
flowers fade...

If I don't enjoy the gifts of life today,
they will be gone.

Today offers me a gift.



I am rested. I am refreshed. I am ready to give to the weary. I am full of hope of the newness to come because I've seen it. I know it is near.

As I travel and the scenery changes, as I venture further from the warm, sunny, blooming places, I sense a mission of encouragement.

Lord, help me hold on to what I have seen.
Keep this fresh and alive in my heart.

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