April Showers

Sunny days are pleasant days for children to run and play,
but rainy days are what we need.

A mild winter means low water tables;
so we wait for the rain.

Water brings life to dry, dusty soil.


And, we wait expecting spring rains.
Without them there will be no bonfires;
gathering fallen trees and branches,
gathering family and friends for singing and laughing...
not until burn bans are lifted.

We don't wait as those in a desert.
desperately waiting
looking each day to the heavens
praying, watching

We wait as the casual observer.
Our wells are not dry.
It will rain... any day.

So when it rains,
when skies are grey and light is dim,
is my response less or more?
The first sprinkles don't particularly excite me.
The down pour doesn't send me rushing out to dance in the puddles.

How strange that a few rain drops set me to thinking this way!
Luke 7 -- She was forgive much... She loved much.
She was desperate. He was not.
She loved much. He loved little.

Delighting in the rain.
This is a taste of the kingdom of heaven;
the "blessedness" of the "poor in spirit".

As I lie here in bed, snuggled up with Bible, notebook, pen, and You,
I hear Your voice.
You teach me even in my wandering thoughts.

My self-righteous need is no more desperate than the most deprived and wicked of men. When I recognize my desperation, admit my soul-thirst, You flood me with uncontainable abundance.

Oh, the peace and joy, sheer delight of a moment in Your presence... really knowing You, right here with me.

Hosea 6:3 ... put to tune,
a smidgen of a refrain from my childhood:

Let us come
Let us press on to know the Lord
For His coming is as certain as the dawn.
He will come to us just like the rain,
Like the spring rain that waters the earth.