the grass withers, the flower fades...

Anyone can take pictures...

a camera, a button, press...
a moment captured.

Beauty, found everywhere...
In the grass of the fields that will be hay tomorrow...

timothy and orchard, clover, chicory, alfalfa...

I see it every day,
but a camera opens my eye to the beauty.

Anyone can can take a picture of grass,

but only God can create it,

acres and acres of green...

every blade, every seed, every flower.

Words are seeds.
Where will they fall?

seasons come and go
flowers bloom and fade...

but words, sown and blown and tossed and planted,
are seeds of potential to inspire.

When taken in,
buried away, pondered,
they take root and live, linger,
lasting long after they are spoken or written.

Words are breath, life added to thoughts, longings of the heart poured out.

Word are our whisper, an echo of the WORD, the image of God in us. Words are power, abstract, depper than a 3rd dimension... written, they become concrete.

"men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken" Mt. 12:36

How many, many words are spoken, written, typed... idle words, harmful words, healing words, hopeful words!

Anyone can talk.
Anyone can type, or write, or blog...

But, will we inspire?
Will we encourage?

Will we find our inspiration from the Creator?

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