Pack Away Thanksgiving?

"Let's pack up Thanksgiving; so we can get on with Christmas!"


Kids can be so honest, and the deeper truth behind what they say is telling.

It's time for lights and Christmas trees.

That means it is time for the fall decorations to be stored away. I think that something else might have been packed away, buried under bright colored leaves in those rubbermaid tubs.

Did we really pack away Thanksgiving?

Already I feel a hint of Christmas greed knocking at our door. Commercials for toys, diamonds, clothing, cars, appliances... over-hearing conversations of "what do you want for Christmas this year?"... and a few minutes ago I sat down here at the computer to order an item on-line only to find it is already sold-out at Amazon... and it isn't even December yet!

The shock and disappointment sent me on a hunt all over the internet for "the best deal", and in the pursuit of "finding", I could feel I was loosing something... a quiet and contented heart.

Our family has a fall and spring tradition of counting down the days until Thanksgiving and Easter.

30 attributes of God for 30 days

We made up a tune to sing our way through the list, and every day we discuss a quality of God’s character and why we are thankful for that aspect of our Lord.


It is so easy to rattle these off.
And, It is so easy to become distracted and forget.

I am content when I’m listing my blessings and remembering the Giver. It is natural to be thankful when I’m thinking about God and the privilege of knowing Him. It is not hard to be still and filled with peace when I remember who He is.

"He knows everything.
He is everywhere...
He's completely in control."

I didn't go shopping this weekend. I saw the ads and thought, "We don't NEED anything."
What has changed?

We really do have everything we really want.
... peace with God
... a home filled with laughter
... family
... friends

I have a husband that loves me
and children that honor and obey their parents.

I have all these things, and none of them can be bought in a store.

Giving gifts is more about a generous spirit and expressing love than the actual contents of a package or its price-tag.

So why the sense of urgency this morning?
I didn't feel the Christmas rush all weekend.
Is it because Thanksgiving was packed away and I've moved on to Christmas?

This morning I am unpacking THANKSGIVING... not the decorations, the THANKFUL HEART.

"A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones." Proverbs 14:30

Maybe in addition to advent this year, I need to countdown to Christmas... hmmm.

Our Countdown Calendar of Attributes:

Our Attributes Song:

I wish you Happiness and Thankfulness in your GIVING!
Merry Christmas!

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