A Chance to be Blind

Laying still for hours in the dark, I was amazed at all I heard:
the sound of the refrigerator running,
the wind outside my window,
the ticking of a clock,...

In the background all the time, I haven't noticed them until recently when I had an issue with one of my eyes that caused it to be extremely light sensitive. Keeping my eyes closed didn't seem to be enough; so I spent the entire day wearing my sleep mask until the sensitivity passed.

Moving about the house blindfolded was surprisingly easily, but I gained a new appreciation for the familiar layout of the furniture with an uncluttered path, the orderly way items had been put back in their place, and the blessing of helpful children.

Because opening and closing my eyes to blink felt like rubbing sandpaper over my eye, I brushed my teeth, showered, put on lotion, made my bed, ate my meals, did everything with my eyes closed. Every task, putting the cap on the toothpaste, shaving my legs, putting the lotion away, was a lesson in thankfulness.

The only frustrating part for me was the evening when my husband drove me up to the city to see the doctor. The familiar trip that usually takes about half an hour seemed to go on and on. Feeling certain several times that we must be almost there, I couldn't resist a quick squinted peek only to find that we had so far to go.

Later that night as I lie in bed, I tried to picture various things: fall leaves, the ocean, the sunset from my deck, my dog...

I began to think about what all I would miss if I was blind, and without a moment of pondering, I knew above all else I would miss seeing my husband's face, his gorgeous eyes, his perfect smile, the grey at his temples...

And for a panicked moment, I couldn't get a clear mental picture in my mind. I have his face memorized, but at that instant it was all blurry pieces: eyes, teeth, chin...

I wondered, is this what is like for the widow who desperately holds on to photographs of her husband's countenance?

"Photographs" ... the thought brought relief.  I could recall photographs, specific captured moments. at our wedding as he pulled off my garter, the picture in my last blog post with our daughter in Guatemala, our engagement portrait,... I had studied these pictures, and I could see his face.

Today I took a walk through the woods. I especially took in my favorite sounds of crunching leaves and wind blown branches, but I paused and closed my eyes to tune into the birds, the chipmunks, my children laughing and our dog barking in the field in the distance,...

What a blessing to be able to open my eyes and see the colors, more browns than before as the autumn leaves have almost all fallen, but even the shades of brown bless me today!

If you were able to read this blog, take a minute...
and thank the Lord for your sight
and don't stop there.

Prepare your heart for Thanksgiving by giving thanks.
We are so blessed in countless ways...
"1,000 gifts" ???
Ooooooh, so much more!

Thank you, dear God, for my senses, my family, my heart that beats steady.
Thank you, God, for life, love, and most of all YOU!

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