Remembering a Dream

I'm as happy as Scarlet lying in my bed remembering...

I was put on a plane, sent half way around the world, and I saw the places I have read about all my life...

It was all there. It was real.
History that felt like fiction was real, three-dimensional.
I stepped into a book. touched it, saw it, tasted.

Today I will walk on familiar soil. As I start laundry, feed my children, tidy the house, live... I smile, deep down smile, and remember.

...quietly knowing anything is possible.

He tells me to dream...
then He gives me a dream and makes them come true,
only more wonderful than I had imagined... in details. timing. miraculous.

I memorized all but one of the Psalms of Ascent
and dreamt of standing on those steps... those southern steps.

I woke from a dream into a reality better than a dream. I am blessed. I am thankful. ...I will start that final Psalm today.

My life is a staircase of dreams, each longing fulfilled leads me to step higher, ask bigger. God gives dreams and makes them come true; so I will pray for grander dreams.

Good morning, Lord.
This is going to be a wonderful day.