a land at rest

There will be no harvest this year.
Our garden is "resting".  

"...and the land will have its Sabbath."  - Leviticus, 2 Chronicles

We will not be canning or freezing.  
Rest for the land will mean rest for us.

Still, our garden is full...
with grass and wild flowers,

weeds and thistles...

Symbols of the curse, the fall,

Reminders of the promise.

Busy planet so far removed from the land,
all is commerce and economy.
Strangers till your dirt,
plant your seed,
pull weeds,
harvest, can, and preserve your fruit .

Grocery stores and shopping malls...
 open 24-7, over-night shipping, drive thru fast food,
full pantry, overflowing fridge...  
Our daily bread magically appears packaged and sliced.
It's so easy to forget...
where it all comes from.

The Giver commanded the land to enjoy a Sabbath rest.
Is there a time or place for Sabbath on hurried soil?

Does the commandment not apply 
in a land of factories and super-stores, 
of cellophane and preservatives.

Packaged and wrapped,
I wonder,
is there a rest for those who prepare our daily bread?

Is there rest for us?

If we choose not to rest, will rest be forced upon us?
Or will we slave away while the LORD fulfills His promise for the land (Leviticus 25:4, 26:34) 

Here's my admission, least you be overly impressed by our spiritual appearance:   This was not our idea, the Sabbath of the Land was forced upon us this year...

Only home on weekends, the Gardener's full time job required him to travel this summer.
Exhausting season, really.

But, I've been thinking,...
How do I decide which of the commands of scripture apply?
Remember the Sabbath day,
You shall have no other gods,
Do not commit adultery,
You shall not covet...

How can I do things "my way" and expect God's blessing?

As for me and my house...
I will remember and remind my children of
the LORD's commandments that bring blessing...

beginning with this one:
"Remember the Sabbath..." (Exodus 20)  

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