A Moment I Didn't Miss

days shorten,
shadows lengthen

As autumn creeps in, it feel like time is moving faster:
the days, the weeks, the moments.

press "pause",
step away
turn off the computer
watch the birds, the clouds, the sun lazily drift across the sky
Aaaah, the world continues to spin without me.


Barefoot and old blue jeans...

 "Look, Mama, we're twins."

dark hair, blonde hair
fair skin, tan
doesn't matter in her eyes, or mine

Sweet Little One, answer to my prayer.

It was this time of year, not so very many years ago, that I was giving up hope that I'd ever have a little girl.  And all the while, my precious Little Lamb was growing, waiting to be born.

Thank You, LORD, for the waiting.

Long awaited Little Blessing, I know what I have.
You teach me to appreciate the moment.

Little Treasure and I thought it was pretty cool that the bird we were watching was captured in "sky picture".  Scroll up, check it out.

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