cold day, warm heart

freezing outside... below freezing actually. Brrrr.

I step inside for to warm my fingers a bit and place my icy mittens on the wood-stove. Venturing back out to help with the work, I have a new appreciation for "warm woolen mittens"!  Wonderful, toasty-warm woolen mittens.

These are a few of my other favorite things from yesterday:

- hot fresh bread with melting butter and honey

- a bit of steamy hazelnut cream coffee with my milk
- the memory of my grandma taking her coffee the same way.  (I like mine, with LOTS of CREAM!)

- holding my hot water-bottle puppy in my coat to keep him warm (He cried missing us whenever we took him inside.)
- my kids coming over to hug me, holding their cold fingers to my neck to warm them
 - hugging my mom and dad often, because hugging is contagious once you start
- watching my husband teach my son how to use the heaviest nail gun
- three generations of men working side by side
- Carhartts, coats, scarves, gloves, mittens, boots ... my boots, a gift from my husband on our first Christmas so a northern boy could take this southern girl ice-fishing
- smiles everywhere, and no one complaining about the cold... all just happy to be outside together
- laughing all day over silly things, like measuring a board and then turning it around to cut it rather than measuring it from the other end... again.

- mama putting on chap-stick, and my dad putting on chap-stick by kissing my mom; high school sweethearts still in love

- flirting with my own sweetheart
- my rugged man... warm hands always, even in bellow freezing temperatures with his old cut-off work gloves
... his wanting me to be there, asking me to come and watch him work, thanking me several times for coming and staying out in the cold air

Simple joys.