I am loved.

My daughter gave me all the princess stickers.

This evening as I was rocking with my baby girl, she said, "Mama, wouldn't it be fun to swing on a rainbow?" I turned our chair to face the rainbow painted on the wall.

"What happened to all the beautiful princesses that were on your rainbow?"

"They slid down over to your dress. I wanted to give them all to you."

We spun around to face the other wall, and there was my dress covered with her favorite stickers. My sweet girl didn't choose to put them on her own dress; she gave them ALL to me.

We have to MAKE TIME to spend UNHURRIED TIME for the important things...
And, the important things are PEOPLE.

My little girl is my biggest fan, and all she really wants in my attention and love.

For the longest time, bedtime was one of my most begrudged duties. By the evening hours, I'm spent and exhausted. The last thing I've wanted to do is re-read stories, listen to long prayers, and have even longer discussions rehashing the days events and rehearsing jokes I've already heard.

Giving her and my boys time in the evening hours has gone from duty to delight, and the only change has been my heart.

Children say things in precious ways. Tonight my little one told me she loves me, and I would have missed it if I had been in a hurry.

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