March Winds

delightful, fearful, surprising
gentle breeze, forceful gusts

We watch and predict the unpredictable.

I went to the Jersey coast last month. Record warm days for the northeast made for an almost ideal private beach vacation at a popular summer seaside location.

It has been nearly 20 years since I was last here.

So much and so little has changed... mostly me.
 Older eyes see the world differently. Weathered by experience, what still stands after life has blown away the superficial fluff is an appreciation for time and perspective on the temporal.

I notice details that a high school girl was too busy to see, partly because I'm tired... sitting still, I take it in.

After long winter, I breath in the sea air for more than oxygen. I take in life with the currents that the breath of God has blown. Hair tossed in my face made damp by the spray of salt, the mist of ocean caught on wings as heaven skims across the surface of the waters.

"In like a lion,
Out like a lamb"?

"Out like a lamb,
In like a lion."

I can't help but spiritualize everything.
I am spirit filled with Spirit.

Your presence, Lord, is a constantly moving holy wind, stirring within me.

Sometimes soft and quiet,
a gentle whisper to Elijah. (1 Kings 19)
Sometimes roaring and howling,
the thundering voice of the Almighty who questioned Job. (Job 40:9)

Lamb of God, silent to the slaughter
Lion of Judah, coming again

You make "the clouds (your) chariot and ride on the wings of the wind." (Ps. 104:3)

Mighty, Powerful One.
You set the course of my life.
Blow me where You will.

Something in me longs to "mounted the cherubim and fly... and soar on the wings of the wind" with You. (Ps. 18:10)