One Little Word

I am taking Ali Edward's One Little Word class through Big Picture Classes.

My "ONE little WORD" for 2013 is "WORD".

I value words!!!
You might call me a "word study fanatic"; so choosing JUST ONE little WORD felt like a BIG decision!

I decided on "debar" a significant prime root in Hebrew, meaning: "WORD", from which my name, Deborah, is derived.

I defined my word using a dictionary and thesaurus ....

I studies the various translations of the word "WORD" in Hebrew and Greek...

Printed out calendars so I can pick a "word of the day" from the list of words of all those participating in the class to uses as prompts for further word studies for fun.

(The words I've already written are words from personal friends who have chosen their "ONE little WORD for 2013".  The verses I write in the back ground in another color tie their word with my "WORD".  For example:  "COMMIT" is the one little word of the friend who first told me about this class, and my verse for that word is Psalm 19:14 "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my hear be pleasing in your sight..."  - Lord, I commit my words to You this year!)

words:  we READ, HEAR, and SPEAK
I even did a quick sketch for a section in my notebook for art; since we all know "a picture paints a thousand words".

One evening when I couldn't sleep, I came across some old magazines while doing a little cleaning,...

  I had the inspiration of making a collage of clippings.  This actually was the most fun prep work of all. 

 I even came across several helpful articles related to "words":  seeking God (hearing His voice & reading His word), anger (using words to control others), encouraging children through words (written, spoken, and even 'non-verbal' communication), etc.

I even have a section for lyrics (words from favorite songs set to music)...  My first entry is Sara Groves "The Word".

Today, Ali Edwards posted our first assignment and showed a few pictures of what her class did last year.  I am so excited to try some of her scrapbooking/journaling ideas and to see how this creative gal with a kindred 'passion for words' challenges and inspires her class this year. 

(Her personal blog is another beautiful garden of ideas you might enjoy visiting.)