Set the Date

Today, 01-01 is another prayer day for me, and I am hanging up my new calendars.

"Time to turn the Page" - staring a new prayer habit
Last year, when a friend gave me a special calendar, I began the simple tradition of writing one prayer request into the square for the day on the calendar.  I was so blessed my that habit that I'm certain I will make this a life long practice.   So, I bought another calendar for that purpose for this year, not knowing that my friend had ordered another extra-special calendar for me.

So... what to do with the extra calendar I bought?

Most of the verses on the calendar I bought are about praise and thankfulness; so I'm starting another habit this year:  writing one thing I am thankful for or something I want to praise God for on each date.

Having kept a thankfulness journal for a couple years after reading One Thousand Gifts, I am excited to keep this habit of recording blessings/graces in a new way that will make them even more visible.

(I have the habit from last year of focusing on the one prayer request at the beginning and end of the day, reviewing the items listed at the end of the week, then praying over them all at the end of the month, and finally going back over each note, thanking the Lord for all the answers to prayer at the end of the year.)

Before I mark any birthdays or vacations on the calendar, I mark my prayer day for the year (a day I spend entirely alone seeking the Lord) and my monthly prayer days (a day of simplified routines and meals so I can spend more focused time in prayer without neglecting my family)
Jan 1st (01-01)
Feb 2nd (02-02)
Mar 3rd (03-03)