a month of words

I hear and see the them...
blessing, cursing,
complimenting, teasing,
joking, arguing, lying,
questioning, debating,
yelling, cheering,
selling, manipulating,

everywhere I go...
at home, on the road,
in the waiting room,
at the grocery,
at church, in the library

there is no escaping...
talk-shows, sitcoms, radio, sermons, commercials,
books, magazines, signs, emails, text-messages, junk-mail.

One month of so many words
from "one little word":  WORDS

...and what have I learned?
  • words are tools
  • they can be used for good or evil
  • word-tools (from phones to facebook) are just tools
  • they are not "good" or "bad"
  • tools are to be used:  they are my servants
  • I will not allow them to master or direct my life

"Everything is permissible for me
-- but not everything is beneficial.
Everything is permissible for me
-- but I will not be mastered by anything."
1 Corinthians 6:12

This year, I will use words,
and the "word-tools" available to me,

I will be 
to words.

and yours.

With all my "senses",
I will...
W rite intentionally
O pen (my ears to listen) intentionally
R ead intentionally
D iscern (feel... via body language) intentionally
S peak intentionally

I need fewer words...


more words...

Lord, I need your words.