... is a miracle

to change into another form,
to transform,
to transfigure

Metamorfoo (Strong's #3339)

I'm sensing a lingering theme popping up again and again in this blog... CHANGE.

I'm seeking change, but yet I fight it.   

When a caterpillar is full grown, it is time for a change... a major change, and it its good. 
It is obvious.  It is simple.
In order to change, things can not stay the same.


From a distance, I have no objection.  I logically agree.
Until the change means letting go of something dear, precious, treasured...

a friendship,
a child,
a parent,
a church,

a hobby,
an activity,
a sport

even a loved but tired stuffed animal,
or T-shirt 

What is more precious than one's own life? 
Did you know that a caterpillar has to die in order to live?  His old body dies as he digests himself and transforms into something new.

We are forced to move forward; God takes us somewhere new... for a purpose.

As I watch my parents age, back stiffening, bones more fail, I see change.
We grow old, and some past-times are no longer an option... 
(Though in our minds we can still vividly remember how it feels to run the bases, throw the pass, hit the high note, sew the stitch.  But our bodies don't comply.)

I am not "so very" old. -- Just yesterday I was told several times how young I am (how young I look might have been more accurate, but I just said, "thank you" and did not reveal my age). -- But, my children are getting older; so there is no denying, time is passing.  Their increasing height is a constant reminder.

Every season brings changes, and change is beautiful in its time

And it is time.

So I choose... 
to look for the beauty. transformed
by the renewing of your mind...
- Romans 12:2

Something wonderful is at stake, the perfect will of God.

I don't want to fight it;
I want to run out to greet it,
embrace it, and
dance with wonder and delight.

I am becoming.