Be Still

...for just a moment.

Be still.

Be silent.

Do you hear it?

Do you see it?

Can you feel it?

Look higher.  Think bigger.

Lay back and look at the details of your life,
your wonderful, beautiful life.

 What makes life beautiful?

It's not creating "perfection";
it's appreciating the perfection that has been created for you...

a whole world of beautiful,
waiting for you to notice.

Look closer...

Those aren't weeds; they're miracles...
tiny prayers, just for fun wishes, packaged in seeds;
potential, waiting for the right wind to blow them to fertile soil.

But, you'll never see these natural wonders in a man-made "perfect lawn".

Burden or blessing?  It's all perspective.  I love my field of yellow poke-a-dots that overnight turns into a pasture of daydreams and wishes.

Life is all around us:

...and we'll will miss it,
if we are distant,
too busy,
with things.

Don't miss it!   Step away from the stuff.
It blocks the view and will blind us from what really matters.

Your eyes are better than the zoom lens on my point and shoot camera.
They instantly focus on whatever you decide to look at...

What are you looking at?
What are you focusing on?

Happiness is simple.

a child-like heart,
a care-free mind,

bare foot,
old jeans,
rolling down hill
through a field of dandelions...

Thankfulness is free,
and all we have to do is slow down long enough to appreciate the little things.