More of the Deeper Things

Wooed by the Creator of mountains, waves, and sunsets,
I've experience His presence on the heights and the waves.

LORD, You are irresistible.

He whispers of "deep things"
scriptures echo in threading themes,
unmistakeably guiding,

Deep calls to deep.
Calling me to more of His love, by day;
to another verse of His song, by night.

I have seen, and I have known 
and can not bear to live 'having a form of godliness but denying its power'.

Today, I made a personally significant discovery as I studied, reminding me to marvel again every word of the WORD is perfect.

Every time God speaks, what He says and when, is both inspired appointment and divine message.  In the broad view and details, I am blown away!

It is in staying focused on God's calling 
and being determined to live deeply
that there is something of value and depth to share.
I am sobered to the danger of being spread too thin 
as to not be of any real potency.