Only Assume the Best

"It may be cancer.
We will send you to a specialist in Philadelphia."

Cancer of the eye?

Not a hint of panic was in her voice when the aunt I have admired all my life cheerfully said,   
"We can only assume the best." 
And she meant it!

"Well, we COULD assume the worst,"
(You know, "cancer", blindness, death?)
I thought as I marveled at her optimism and bit my tongue.

Instead, I said, "I'll meet you in Philli, and we'll make a holiday of your trip."

map from our hotel, to the hospital, to popular sites (all in walking distance)

view of City Hall from outside our hotel
Her first response was faith.
Mine was fear.

My life had been relatively easy;
hers had been pretty difficult.

Yet, she was light hearted,
and I felt too serious.

During those hours, as she flew north and I drove south, I thought about what made us so different.

Known for her infectious laughter, she found humor in everything.  She even laughed at situations I would have thought humiliating.  Rather than shriveling up and dying of embarrassment, she chose to go on living, to laugh and tell the tale.  And, tell it she would, to anyone who needed a good laugh.

our oh-so-comfortable hotel
At family gatherings, she'd be in some back bedroom telling a story to one person.  Her laugh would carry through the house, and before long, the room would be filled with women of all ages huddled on the bed and bent over double with laughter.  What happy memories!

Her life had not been an easy one, but she had chosen JOY! 

I concluded, I wanted to be more like her.

Wills Eye Hospital, world renowned in ophthalmology
Her doctor told her to come prepared for an extended stay in case after her appointment they needed to admit her for surgery. 

When I asked her how it was possible to be so calm and light-hearted while waiting for such serious news, she told me she had learned to trust God for everything and chose to fill her life with things that made her laugh. 

Those days with my aunt are among my most precious memories!  We laughed A LOT!  And, though she has had to travel to Philadelphia every few years to keep watch on the spot in her eye; assuming the best and trusting the Lord has allowed her to enjoy her days without fear.

"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."  (Proverbs 17:22)
"A heart at peace gives life to the body"  (Proverbs 14:30)

So trust your God, know His word, and rest in His promises.  Then, fill your world with laughter!  Regardless of the news, you will have peace and a lot more fun.