it catches my eye and causes me to think

it is a wonderful thing to be unique

it causes me to wonder... marvel... question...

how did this happen?

why is this one made special?

every flower is "unique", "special". like snowflakes, no two are the same.

i pause to praise the Creator.

and, so it is with people...

so diverse, so strange, peculiar, odd ... or beautiful.

i see my child or a stranger and wondering at the Creator.

how did He do it? how is it that we are all so unique?

why try to blend in?

why camouflage? Why be like everyone else?

if something about me is "different", if I stand out and people question or stare, I pray it causes them to wonder about You, Lord.

May there be something beautiful and different about me that causes others to think of You. Amen.

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