Everyday a Holy-day

"God can talk to you
any where,
any time."

Yup, I know,
but I'm still disappointed.

For years I've marked off a special day on the calendar...

one day -- the entire day
to be alone with the Lord
to listen, pray, read, think, and enjoy His company...

cleared schedule -- free to be Spirit led
no agenda except to give God my full attention
no responsibilities, no children,...

Something has come up and my plan to have no plans has been thwarted.

"no agenda" ... "my plan"

God, what are Your plans?

My husband is offering to let me go away for an entire weekend another time, but as wonderful as that sounds, I still feel disappointed.

"God can't talk to you in 5 or 6 hours?"
"You mean, He just can't talk to you when the kids are around?"
He looks into my eyes, playfully smiles, and kisses me.

His questions make me feel foolish, but he is right. God doesn't really need 24 hours. The issue isn't God's ability to speak; rather, it is my ability to listen.

My holy-day traditions have included a prayer day once every month and a special "Yamim Noraim" once a year, a day of awe and Sabbath, to worship and rest, to pray and seek the face of God.

On monthly prayer days, I simplify my schedule but keep my basic routine. I still cook, be it a crockpot-menu or frozen pizzas. I don't (usually) cancel school, but the kids do more independent work. If it is a Sunday, I still go to church. I try not to schedule appointments these days, but it is not a big deal if something comes up. I spend as much time alone praying and listening to the Lord as I possibly can.

But, my "High-holy-day" is different. It has been marked on the calendar for years and NOTHING is scheduled on this day. My husband and the kids are either shipped off or I leave. I want to start the day alone with God and end the day alone with God, spending every moment in between alone with Him, too. It isn't unusual for me to have not spoken a word till mid day when I choose to read a passage, pray, or sing aloud. That sacred silence is so precious to me.

I am reluctant to give away one moment of that day because I know from experience that He meets me so uniquely. I get more insight on that one day than I can even begin to explain here. For years afterward, I have look backed to those holy-days and said, "I first prayed about ... on that day." or "He prepared me for this." or "I didn't know it at the time, but that was the day when all this began." or "Ever since that day, I have..."

So here I am...
what do I do this year?

The question that keeps on coming to mind is,
"What makes a day holy?"

"Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy." NIV
... to keep it holy." ESV, NAS
... by observing it as a holy day." GWT
... let it be a holy day." BBE
... to hallow it." DBT
... to sanctify it." YLT
"Remember to dedicate the Sabbath day." HCSB
( set it apart from the other days as a holy day" - ME)

Holy - dedicated, consecrated, sanctified, set apart to God.

Every day is "holy".
I and the day
should be dedicated to God,
set apart for His will, His pleasure, His desire.

Intentionally beginning the morning saying,
"LORD, what do You want to do today?"

But, some days are extra special, even to God.

I'm rambling...
But, there it is.

Lord, You've brought me to this end:
"What do YOU want to do on 'our' special day?"

My perspective is changed.
I am ready to be surprised by the LORD. I wonder what He has planned.