Men and Boys

"Let him who is without gas cast the first stone."

Ah, yes, let's write that one down in the book of family wisdom to pass down to the next generation.

The girls headed off to bed early tonight, and the boys are having some quality guy-time in the living room playing Cabella's Big Game Hunter.

And, I'm lying here in bed eavesdropping... and smiling.

Guys are so different from us gals. I'm so thankful that my boys are learning about manhood from a man like my husband. He has integrity and deep faith, but he also has a wonderful sense of humor.

He makes home so fun! Everything changes when he comes in the door.

As much as I got a chuckle out of the proverb I quoted above, my favorite line of the night was when my son said to my husband, "You're the best dad."

He is.
And, the best husband, too.

Thank you, God, for my man.

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