The "Special Gift"

One evening a couple weeks before Christmas, I found my little girl sad. When I asked her what was wrong, she said that she wanted to buy something special for Christmas but was too young to drive. I asked her what she needed to buy and she teared up and whispered in my ear...

It was a "special gift" for me.

So, a date with Daddy was scheduled so she could do her shopping.

When they came home late that night, she could barely hold her eyes open, but she was all smiles. She had found what she had been looking for.

On Christmas morning I opened the tiny box and discovered her treasure...

a locket.

Today I clipped our photos from the Christmas card we sent out this year...
They were the perfect size. (Thank you, Lord! What a "special gift" from You!)

Mother and Daughter...
my daughter!

She is my chosen treasure.

Adoption is a miracle.

Adoption is the heart of God.

Thank You, God, for letting me experience this heart-stretching, patience-trying, character-building, wonderful miracle of motherhood with the added blessing of adoption!

She is my "special gift" from You!

And, knowing Your heart; knowing that You love me enough to adopt me, to make me your child... to save me... I have no greater gift than Your love. Thank You for showing me how much in a million little ways!

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