Warming Up a Cold Heart

My husband drove to work the other morning with the car thermometer reading 1 degree.

The other evening I drove by the bank, and it read 14.

The next day, above freezing...

Today, the high is expected to be in the 40's.

Cold fronts, warm fronts...
blowing in and out from the north and south.

I'm reminded of another day, pondering circumstances...
it is the set of the sail and not the gale...

The winds have changed, and I never raised my sails.

Rocking back and forth, and getting no where...

I can hardly bring myself to admit the reality that I've been distracted with good things and have forgotten the best, and all too quickly my heart has begun to turn cold. The passionate fire in my heart is barely warm enough to keep me polite and civil. I can feel it. I know it; though no one else may see it.

knocking out walls in the kitchen, watching movies, reading magazines and fiction, celebrating a late "Elf-day", getting in that early morning exercise, and finding our way back into our home-school routine... good things, fun things... busy things.

But, I've neglected my private prayer time and personal Bible study this last week. Who would know? ...except God and me.

Lord, forgive me for coasting.

You've been with me despite my neglect.
You are so faithful.

Thank You, God, for letting me know Your nearness... that I would miss it soooo much so soon. You don't let me wander far. I feel You drawing me near, keeping me close. I need You for daily life: for especially hard days and ordinary ho-hum days. No one knows my joys like You; no one else can feel the depth of my sorrows. I want to share every moment with You.

And, practicing Your presence just isn't the same without hearing from You in the mornings and coming cozy-close to You at night. I don't just want to know You... I want to KNOW You richer, deeper, completely, intimately. Be my first thought by morning and my last at night.

I've made time for the important things...
my husband,
my children,
their education,
our home.

You are so far above "important".
You are my air, my life.
I have time for YOU.

Forgive me for distraction.
Thank You for getting my attention.

Again, I have complicated a simple life... ebb and flow, wind and blow, bring a change to this distracted heart... fill me with wonder. I know my need for You. Fill me with a fresh desire for You. Fill me with wonder again.

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