HOME:  marriage, children, laughter,... family.

not perfect, but loved and forgiven... graced.

Does it get any better than this here on earth?

Life is messy.

But as we face the pressure and the heat of life,

God shapes us, refines us, into something wonderful.

And as we love each other, we give the world a taste of heaven on earth.

HOME:  awakens my senses...
the "feel" of home,
the sounds of laughter and tears,
the touch of hugs and kisses,
the tastes of favorite dishes,
the smells, aaaah,...

With a house filled with the mouth-watering aromas of rising dough, cinnamon and sugar baking, and buttery icing melting, I am reminded of 2 Cor. 2:15.  I want my life, our lives, this home, to be a sweet fragrance rising to God... something the world "smells" that reminds them of Christ.

Cinnamon rolls...
Good to the very last bite! 
I love saving the best for last, sweet swirl from the middle. 
I pop it in my mouth and think, "Lord, let us be a 'taste of heaven' to this world ... every day, to the very last day of our lives.