Oh, the freedom of flying under the radar,
living a quiet life without the pressure to preform.

"make it your ambition..."

(v.  make it your goal, aspire, earnestly endeavor, strongly desire, zealously strive after)

" lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and work with your hands..."  (1 Thes. 4:11)

unnoticed by the crowds, the flocks of distracted busy people

to do my own thing

to soar with these wings God has given me

Being real.   Discovering "me".

I have flat, straight hair today because I didn't pack my curling iron, but I feel so beautiful in His presence. I'm tucked away in a one bedroom apartment somewhere on the North Atlantic coast...

Just me and Jesus, and my vanity falls away. Oh, to live like this! write like this.

Oh, to know my voice,
to know His voice,
to echo His words until I sound like Him,
talk like Him,
write like Him,
live like Him,
look like Him.

Oh, to be like Jesus.

But, then to find a way to stay hidden in Him and yet share the freedom I have found...

The sky is big enough to share, and so are You God.  After all, You're not mine to keep.  I am Yours.

Insecurity, you don't sound like my Savior; get far away from me. You clip my wings and tie me down.  You whisper fear and tempt me to compare, envy, and judge.

Lord, these days are precious; I realize this when Your face is all I see. Help me to desire only Your praise and approval, to enjoy the freedom of being known to You, seen by You and undiscovered by the world. 

Keep me hidden, Lord, and take me deeper until all the fear of man is worked out of me.  Then keep me hidden still; so that when people look at me, You are all that is seen and You are the One discovered.

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