The Flood in Our Back Yard

Just a bit ago, my little one came running in with another “present”. In the last few days I’ve been given half a dozen handfuls of wildflowers, 2 frogs, and countless drawings and notes.

(FYI: My favorite gift was the letter I found under my pillow last night that read, “Der mom I Love you Amen.”)

I knew she and her brothers had been down by the pond; so, I was prepared for something wet and slimy.

What she had in her precious hands totally took me by surprise!

Mom, I found a "special rock" for you!

This rock, larger than my hand, was covered with beautiful impressions of shells on every side! We counted more than 50 fossils!

I asked her to show me where she found it, and in just a few moments of looking we found several smaller rocks.

It is mind-boggling to ponder the flood covering the entire earth, even our back yard!

I am in awe of God! So much water, so much power!

Amid all that destruction, He created something beautiful... in my little one's hands, it looks like an art project!

I totally believe the Bible,
every word,
every story,
especially the account of the flood.
We are holding the evidence.

Here are a few bonus close ups...

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