Laughter - tasting the sweetness of life!

The men were away; so the ladies had tea.

We set the table…

Invited the guest…

And poured the tea…

(some guests ate more than others)

“Would you care for sugar?”
“Of course!”

(I've been informed that dolls love sugar.)

When sugar is offered, a little one never passes, but after the first syrupy-sweet cup I was served, I decided to pass on the sugar.

Lots of sugar made for lots of laughter today!

With all the pleasant conversation, I hadn’t paid attention to just how much sugar the hostess had dished out. Until, when the party had ended, I found the sugar bowl empty.

Generous sweetness. That’s my little girl.

Generous with hugs, kisses, and laughter!

She laughs freely when, too often, I hold back. She find humor because she’s always looking for a reason to laugh! My little girl is wired for fun. What a stuffy-old mama I might be were it not for this pretty lady’s contagious laughter!

Too much study and not enough play, I would learn a lot of information, but I wouldn’t be very smart. The best of lessons are learned from living, not from books. And, if I want to learn to laugh, the best teacher I could ask for is a silly girl living under my own roof!

Who can have a tea party without thinking of Mary Poppins and tea parties on the ceiling? As we washed the tea-set, my little one was still all giggles.
She "loves to laugh, loud and long and clear"! And, what about me?

Wanting the “deep” stuff, I’m often too serious!

Wanting to study, I’ve been too busy to learn.

But, not any more…

When it comes to the sweet things of life, I want two scoops!

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