seeking things

"There is nothing lost that cannot be found if sought..."
Edmund Spenser (Faerie Queen)

 Can't find my keys... again. I just knew I put them in my purse, or set them by the phone in the kitchen, or on the table beside my bed, or on the piano. What do you know, they're on the hook by the stairs, right where I hung them!

Can't find my phone... again. I have my husband call to discover it was in my purse all along, only hidden in the side pocket.

August and January are the two months when I feel most motivated to clean and organize. As calendar years and school years begin a new, I want a sense of order. So, I am getting organized today, and it is amazing the things I am finding just where I left them.

The parable of the lost coin, the lost sheep, and the prodigal son come to mind as I find spare change here and there. How I can relate when I paraphrase "Rejoice with me; I have found my lost keys!" And, if I substitute my "puppy" for a "sheep" or my own "child" for the "prodigal", my heart is moved to search!

Things are only things; usually when they are lost or broken they can be replace. And, even if they can't, when I remember that all "treasure of earth" is ultimately lost, it helps to keep THINGS in perspective.

PEOPLE too can be lost and broken, and they are irreplaceable. Today I will not loose sight of why I am cleaning and organizing. It is not about the things, the stuff; it is about creating an environment of order and peace, an inviting refuge for the people who live and visit in this home.

I will not seek material things, covet a bigger house, or wish for newer-nicer stuff to fill this building. I will seek to make this place as beautiful and welcoming as I can. I will bless my home and my family today!