Seeking Change…

The days are shorter; the sun is setting on summer.
The kids are taller; I am older.
Another season is chasing out the one before.

I’m never quite ready to let go of these barefoot days, lazy drift-away afternoons, green grass, puffy clouds.
Letting go, moving on,
and taking hold of the new…

Am I ever ready to let go of anything?
When the holding on has become more painful than reaching out, I’ve waited that long, and the burn will leave a scar. When God brings the change, why fight it? Why get upset?

Life is change, and change can be wonderful!!!
with acceptance
with anticipation

change means color, crisp, vibrant, bright
shining through a stained glass canopy
rustling, crunchy,
sweet and tart, apples,
nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin,
round and full, orange and bright.
a sun still shining, just different
softer, gentler, colder, but warmer
when wrapped up together
snuggled in tighter
cotton and wool

not so up-tight,
a deeper beauty,
with wisdom, maturity,
insight, grace.

I’m letting go, and what a delight to find that some things remain…
Faithfulness, steadfast love, character tried and proven.
I am older. I am blessed to live to see another season of life.

There is an appointed time for everything.
And there is a time for every event under heaven
Live and die, weep and laugh, love and hate,
And everything in between…

A time to play and a time to work;
A time for the mountains and a time for the beach.
A time to learn and a time to teach;
A time to clean the mess and a time to make it.
A time to read and a time to put the book down and prepare dinner;
A time to sew and a time when a safety pin will do the trick.
A time to wash, a time to dry, and a time to fold;
A time for a home cooked meal and a time to order pizza.
A time to stick to the lesson plan and a time to follow inspiration;
A time to write and a time put down the pen and watch a movie.
A time to study and a time to apply;
A time for late nights and a time to go to be early.
A time for football and a time for tea parties;
A time for company and time for just us.

A time for spring and summer
And even a time for fall and winter.
A time sunshine and flowers;
And a time for falling leaves and snowflakes.

The world is turning and moving; yet I am standing still for a moment… I am still and knowing He is God. I know my place, and I am aware that I am only here for a season. That too will change and I will be gone, but today I am alive.

Lord, what is this season I am entering?
I’ve been up-rooted; is it time to plant?
I’ve died to myself; is it time to heal?
So much has been torn down; is it time to build?
I’ve been through a season of weeping and mourning; is it time to laugh and dance?
I’ve gathered countless stones, and I’ve seen too many stones thrown;
is it time to embrace or a time to shun embracing?
If you tell me to search, I will look.
If it’s time to give up as lost; I will stop looking.
I’ve kept too much; I’m sure it is time to give away and throw away.
To tear apart or sew together,
To be silent or to speak, tell me Lord, what is this season.
It is always a time to love people, but it is always a time to hate evil
If you call me to war, let me fight, but God I pray You will grant me peace in the midst of every season.

-me & Solomon

Thank you, God, that all is not sober and serious when childish things are put away. Praise you for the "known in full" and "fully knowing" that I know, the clarity that comes with letting go and embracing the richness that maturity brings. Bless You for the promise of abiding faith, hope,and love which now, more than pretty words, are my greatest treasures! Every season seems to make my life more deep, rich, and abundant; so I say, "bring on the changes" and "bring on the years"... strength and dignity will be my clothing; I smile at the future!

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