Be Faithful

The phone rings...

Unknown number.

"You may not remember me,...
In college, you had a Bible study at your apartment...

Someone asked, 'if you died, how sure are you that you would go to heaven?'...

70 percent... maybe.
I thought about that for years..."

The high-light of my husband's week: a phone call from a guy he didn't remember.

Words of encouragement, a "thank you", just to say, 
"Your life impacted mine..."

Oh, Weary One, be faithful.
Someone is watching.
Someone is listening.
Your child, your neighbor, a stranger...

There is more going on than you what you see.

And if the Spirit prompts you to speak, go, call, give, write... Obey.
A faithful Weary One may need encouragement that the Lord wants to send through you!