country roads

...take me home.

had to drop a few things off at a friend's house; no inconvenience to take an evening drive... down quiet misty country roads.

peaceful. unhurried. only passed one car, and the driver was pulled off to the side of the road to chat with his neighbor.

simple things, seen and enjoyed. appreciated, acknowledged. driving along and looking out the window... even backing up to appreciate the view a little better.

Life is for Living!

What's the hurry? Where are we headed? a rush to the grave?

My husband took my sons and a few other boys camping the other weekend, on Monday, the father of one of the boys was killed in an accident... it was his older brother's birthday. Left behind was a wife and three kids...

Life is fragile. Life is precious. Life is made of moments... memories made... or moments missed.

Miles and miles of country roads ... more dirt than paved... connecting me with people, places...

and bringing me back home, to my own driveway.

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