An Invitation to Linger

dinner's on the stove, sweetheart has put away the tractor for the day, windows open, little one running chasing dog, boys riding bikes across the yard, colored light shining through the windows filling the house with evening glow...

and I am called away again

to end the day as I began...

'step away from the cling of daily life, distance yourself just enough to observe the beauty of the world spinning around you'

...and it all slows down to a relaxing pace

More than see, I feel the colors of sunset. As the cool breezes blowing in the night sweep past, my senses awaken, and I am alive.

rocking chairs lure me... sit. stay a while. what's the hurry?

Life is here. Life is now. And, the gentle words of my man come to mind... my mantra, "Just Live."

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