Country Living

Handsome just handed me the latest issue of Country Living. He started a tradition for me several years ago...

whenever a magazine comes in the mail, he takes care of kids and dinner, and I get the evening off to soak in the tub.

"tub time"
Aaaaaah, love those words.
Love my man.

There was a time when I kept all my old issues, sorted them by season, and pulled them out as the calendar turned for inspiration and fresh ideas. When I was in a cleaning slump, I'd "pretend" Country Living or Country Home would be arriving any minute for a photo shoot. I could just picture my home featured in a spread. Maybe I'd even make the cover.

As the years pass and the styles change from genuine country to what I call "Raleigh Rural", it is easy to pass old issues along as I realise these magazines have nothing on my own country home.

country -- traditional, comfortable, cozy, practical, simple, enduring, affordable... wood, quilts, heirlooms passed-down...

Even this old tub was from the old family farm house. When a leaky toilet let to an urgent bathroom remodel, my father-in-law brought this cast-iron beauty our way.

My idea of "country style" is what we own. Maybe it's another case of "beauty in the eye of the beholder".

"old junk" or "antique"?

But somethings are worth passing down... heritage, a family name, traditions, memories, history, faith, morals, character,...

As I type away, I can't help but wonder what my simple man would think of all this mussing... "boy, that's a lot to get out of a magazine you haven't even read."

Well, one tradition I hope to pass down to the little women in my life is "tube time".

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