one misty moisty morning...

Somedays I practically have to kick myself out the door, but once my shoes are on and I start walking, my steps become lighter. Trickles of life begin flowing up stream... from dragging sneakers to skipping feet and running legs, filling my frame, overflowing with new energy.

Breathing in the clean air, thanking God for a new day, for health and strength to enjoy it, I feel renewed on the inside!

The rewards seem to come slow... and start small...
"Never despise humble beginnings" -L.C.S.

But there is beauty in the tiny, the small, the simple... often overlooked except to the trained eye. (Oh, Lord, train my eyes to see, really see... the small. the details. the moments that make up the days that make up the life.)

I'm missing so much by being consumed with the big, the goal... the "important"... the urgent, the "successful", the significant... (It is time for me to refocus and redefine.)

I don't want to miss what is right here in front of me because I'm only focusing on what is ahead...

This air, this green... this spring green... glowing in the light of the rising sun shining through this faint mist, clean and bright.

... the sun will come and burn away, summer with its deeper richer hues. Old age will come, but today I can walk, run... so I will!

I will start small.

I will start.

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