touch the mountains and they smoke

Untouched, these photos glow... with spring. Even on a dark day, the landscape is breathtakingly bright with green. Pictures like this remind me that I am "me" with a point and shoot camera, and God is the Creator of all this.

The fog moves across the mountains quietly, gently, steadily ...

I am reminded of the morning I stepped out on this deck -- feeling cold, dead, nothing ... leaning my head down on this railing, I prayed. "God, where are you? I know You hear me. I want to feel Your presence. Would you come down and let me know You are near?"

I lifted my head and saw the heavy mist tumble in to the valley and settle over this field. -- It stayed. The wind stopped. The fog blanketed the green.

My first thought --
No distant neighbor with his bioculars can see me...

So I followed the impulse...

I ran.

Barefoot in my pajamas, with my favorite cream blanket of a shawl wrapped around me, fast and furious, I ran through the grass... and twirled, and laughed, and sang, and ran some more.

The hills were alive for me, not with the sound of music, with silence, stillness... but, not the lonely ache of silence I felt before... this was calm. Peace. It was my "gentle whisper".

Knowing the kids would be waking soon, I walked back up the hill towards home with a quietness and calm that steadied me to face all that had previously weighed me down.

When I can't see through the clouds of the "storms of life", I will call out to Him and search for His presence. Even in fog, He can close the distance and let me know His nearness.

"Part your heavens, O LORD, and come down; touch the mountains, so that they smoke." Psalm 144:5

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