good fences, good neighbors

"something there is that doesn't love a wall"
Actually, it is a "love/hate" relationship.

like law and grace.
I need the rules, standards, goals, plans... and then I become legalistic.
I'm suffocated.
I'm dying.
I'm under grace, free from the law... all is permissable.
...yet not beneficial

"Good fences make good neighbors" - R. Frost

-the ones that stacked these stones, built this wall, and live at the end of the path I walk each morning
-the ones living in my own house
-the one that shares my bed

-and "myself". I do have to live with myself.

What makes "good neighbors"

fences? walls? ...boundaries.

but law without grace is death.
boundaries with grace.

Grace all... cover all with a blanket of grace.

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