Seeking ...eyes open, expecting to find.

The world is waking up ... and so am I.   To my life, the people in it.   To beauty all around me.  To simple things.  To blessings.  To contentment.  To thankfulness.  To grace...  to grace...  a life that is graced.   To live in grace... see it, give it, receive it.  To cover everything and everyone with grace. 

The dew and rain kissed my world today, and I saw it. 
I ran through the wet grass... muck boots on, wet to the knee of my old blue jeans.
Point & shoot camera in hand... 1000's of pictures saved over the years, yet I seem to always miss the Spring... too busy, I guess.  too much to do after long winter.  But, not this year.  306 memories to download today. 

Something special is discovered in a garden:
" none other has ever known"

Not a moment was wasted this morning.  I was awake for all of them... eyes open, hunting, expecting to find.

I started inside cleaning up my cubby (my indoor secret garden), and then I saw beauty in a few of my favorite things.  Camera was handy.  Took a picture and there it was, captured.  What else was around me that I was missing?  Without moving a thing, what "magical moment" was waiting for me to pause and enjoy...

I became an observer this morning.
untouched, my life is beautiful.  and I saw it.
I heard it... the water running from mountain to valley.  the bird's call, her wings as she took flight.  the dripping of heavy drops on leaves.  the plop of a hop as frog flops away from me and into the pond.
Now, to keep living with a quiet heart, open eyes, attentive ears... as I return to house and home. 

I see it.
the tricycle left on the walk, the boy with sword and shield running wild with imagination, the book casually placed open and face down to keep the place, girl with doll...

indeed, my life untouched is beautiful.

I step back in to touch and be touched.  not just an observer.  to LIVE with my eyes open.