Words That Heal

How can words communicate the deep stuff of the soul?

I started the day in awe of the alphabet.

symbols, letters,
putting thought, emotion, heart
into sounds, syllables, words, ...line upon line.

Words are life... and death. hopeful... heart-sick. encouraging... destructive, ripping, stabbing, tearing.

tears upon tears.

ordinary people. imperfect people.
doing their best, falling short. intentionally, unintentionally... words freeze, cut, sting.

withholding words, the supperior glance, the cold stare,... worse yet, looking past and through.

oh, the power of words. language.

spoken, thought, written, sung, whispered, yelled, murmured,

My heart was crushed by words today...
spoken and unspoken...
from today, from the past... mostly the yesterday words.

And, before all this God gave me words, specific words... (oh, thank you, God, for speaking today before all the other words washed over me, this burning heat and heart).

I read them. I rewrote them. I memorized them.

... Oh, God, You are too good to me. Even here, right now, You speak to me... without words. In the middle of writing these thought-words to You and to the void, You let me find my picture... my morning fog picture from another year... long lost, deleted, so I thought.

You brought that memory to mind just the other day and let me post about about it...
grassy feet and all...
so that now, when I am aching over human-words, You would speak grace-words over me, sing over me... "I love you. I know you. I see you." without words... and the sweetest words of all...
"I am." and "I am here."

Thank You for Your words... promises, always kept. I know You will never leave me, never have.

Your WORD is a gift. I treasure it.
Words are a gift. I fear them. I love them. Oh, help me with words, with others' and my own.

(For a bit of the story behind these last photos, see the post called "touch the mountains and they smoke". I took them after the fog began to lift, and I ran back to the house to get my camera... wanting to keep a glimpse of that unforgetable morning.)

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