a devotion for myself

Why do I write?
to think...

I write because I love words.

They say, "writers write".
Then I am I writer. I can not stop writing, ink on paper... many colors, many journals. Typing here, even now.

But, why here?
...because I am changed by what I read. I become intimate friends with the characters and authors that speak to me, hour upon hour, thought upon thought, "line upon line, precept upon precept"...

...because someone let opened a window and allowed me peek into her world through pictures, through words. And, I am changed. (and if my life, the lessons learning, encourage another... What a thrill to pass along a blessing!)

But, I write for myself.
By writing about what I'm thinking, I take my thoughts captive. Instead of being over-run with waves of emotion or raced away by a run-away train of thought, I pause, meditate, consider... and learn from my own life. It is not the same as studying to teach someone else (that is often why I talk), but I write for me.

I have shelves and stacks of books upstairs and downstairs, in almost every room of the house. Countless "devotionals", filled with meditations, theology, happy thoughts, etc... Most of my journal entries are devotionals for me.

1.Love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause
2.Religious worship, prayers, or observance

"a devotion for myself" - scary thought. I didn't know what I was writing when I typed that title. There is a lesson for me even in this.

a "love, loyalty, enthusiasm" for myself???
am I the "cause" to whom I am most loyal...
(translation: "selfish")


is my "religious worship, my prayers" for myself?
to myself?
is my idol "ME" ?

Oh, to not think more highly of myself than I ought. Oh, to be humble. It is indeed a good thing to not have any blog "followers" today.

a small adjustment in my thinking may lead to a radical change in my life... here it is.

I write for GOD.
for His pleasure,
His glory,
His purpose... (that includes changing me and blessing others)

With that clarified in my heart, I will continue to write away and type away with greater fulfillment. My heart is quiet. I am blessed today.

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